About me:

Hi, my name is Mooney. I work in the games industry as a Concept Artist. I am currently employed at Atom hawk design.

As well as produce artwork for games, I have also assisted the design team in various ways such as working on GDD's, level designs and working with in-house level editor's. These tasks would include level set up, camera set up and scripting.

brief history:

After finishing secondary school in 1998, I enrolled at the Oldham College where I spent the next five years doing various art and design courses. I then enrolled at the University of Central Lancashire in 2003 to study games design. After completing that course I was employed at Embryonic studios in 2006 as a game designer and 2D/3D artist. Embryonic studios was purchased by TT games later that year and became TT Fusion, a new studio that would produce handheld versions of the various console LEGO games, starting with LEGO Star Wars the complete saga. The following year TT games became part of Warner Bros entertainment group and saw the studio working on titles for next gen platforms. In 2011, I left TT and started work at Atom hawk, one of the worlds leading concept art studios.


B.T.E.C. - Intermediate Art and design

G.N.V.Q. - Advanced Art and design/fine art

H.N.D. - Multimedia design

B.A.(Hons) - Games design