I have a new blog!


  1. I have started a new blog. Its going to be focused purely on weapon design, if you are interested, follow me there too :) here's the address:


    Ile still be posting on moondoodles too, this is where i will put me environments and more light hearted stuff as well as my work done in the industry.

  2. Hi,
    Nice stuff. Coming along nicely. Can see your progress from atom hawk. Like the figure work.
    Rough loose paintwork and a well drawn figure. Bit of graphic design throw in to. Good stuff mooney. Hope lifes treating yer well

  3. Hey Ian

    Howsit goin? Cheers mate, feel im improving again in my 2D skills, ben drawing non stop, psying off. You check out my new blog? Did a dropship on there u might like.